The School Crest  illustrates The ‘Rising Sun’ that depicts the beginning of life and the selfless transmission of light (Education) for the growth of a child to maturity. The ‘Lightened Torch’ portray the ability for each of us to serve as a guiding light for others and the ability of education to serve as a beacon of light, eradicating ignorance.May our students/scholars always remember that lightning the way for others, brightens the path for themselves. The ‘Shield’ (Stylised open hands)    is a symbolic representation of the motto of the school ‘Knowledge is Power’ which is embossed on a ribbon which depicts Education is the premise of progress.

Our Mission:


“We believe in the creation of ‘exalted lives’ produced by the creative miracle of sincerity and hard work … and aim to reach the stars of achievement through toil and determination…So we dream, plan, endeavour and pray in that order… and with God’s help we shall accomplish our mission…”

Our Philosophy:

“We aspire to inspire…” The school’s philosophy is based on providing maximum exposure and opportunity through co-curricular activities, camps and excursions, games and sports, healthy peer-group interaction and learning, psychological handling, constant counselling, personal care, attention and affection and comprehensive academic monitoring to inspire the children to perform to the zenith of their potential.

Our Aim:

Our alumni should make a perfect blend of our rich and varied heritage and culture. Their personalities should exude of being purely Indian with humility, serenity, peace and goodness while adapting the finest qualities of other developed countries.

Our ultimate goal is to sculpture our students into smart, well-bred, disciplined, hard working, law abiding, patriotic, and responsible citizens who have a sense of fair-play, reverence for all religions, respect for elders, veneration for their parents, love for all mankind and above all loyalty for their country.

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