Robert Sternberg’s studies of intelligence and creativity led him to coin the term successful intelligence¬Ě.

This is the idea that real achievement and meaningful success in life comes not from test scores and exam results but from what he defines as a synthesis of wisdom, intelligence and creativity.

As Dean of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University in the United States, Sternberg experimented with a new admission test called the Kaleidoscope System. This was deliberately designed to identify students unique strengths how they capitalise on them and how they compensate for weaknesses. At the heart of Sternberg’s work is the recognition of the uniqueness of the individual, the multifarious intelligences and the diversity of talents which define us.

This is the same logic which underpins a broad approach to the curriculum in schools. It is a perspective which acknowledges that a focus on academic subjects alone does not do justice to human potential nor the mounting evidence from psychology, biology, neuroscience and educational research.

That is why here at Springfield we are committed to offering an education that goes beyond the walls of the classroom by developing an enrichment programme.

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