School Song

In the formulation of traditions, which go a long way in building the spirit of a school, a ‘School Song’ plays a very vital role. Akin to the ‘National Anthem’ for a country is the ‘School Song’ for a school. Sacrosanct and revered, the ‘School Song’ is always sung proudly, standing at attention

Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is Power,
This is our pledge, will always be
To work, to serve, to strive
For all eternity

We do recall, those gone before,
Their work and labour, for our school.
Raise the name of Greater Heights,
And we”ll forever more.

Let us live with dignity
Courage, hope and Charity.
Let the name of Springfield School
Swell with pride within us all.
As we onward, onward go,
Ever on to Greater Heights.
And it’s all because
Knowledge is Power!

Our blest Founder, we acclaim
Our benefactor, Hail his name.
For his sake, O let us prove
Ever worthy of his school

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