We at Springfield Public School believe that academics and co-curricular activities go hand in hand for the holistic development of the child. At Springfield Public School plethora of activities are being offered to students for their all round development. Games, Art and Craft, Dance and Music, Dramatics, Debates and Declamations, theatre, gardening, cooking, groom the child into a confident individual. It is mandatory for each student to become a member of clubs, which helps in developing literary and creative skills, Scientific skills, communication and leadership skills amongst the students.

Clubs, societies and hobbies empower students to put forth their artistic abilities therefore exhibiting their talent and creativity. The school offers various clubs to engage students and bring out their talents, some of which are:

Theatre Club

Music, dance, direction, choreography, stage design and acting

Art Club

Sculpture, craft work, pottery, painting, modern art, contemporary art

Photography club

Lenses, lighting, camera operations, image editing, digital imaging


Robotic Club

Electronics, creativity, computer science, problem solving skills, teamwork

Literary club

Script writing, book reviews, oratory skills, poetry, creative writing

Intach club

History, culture, heritage, school museum, philanthropy, coinage