Mission & Philosophy

Mission (Education for the future)

Between the E and N of education the Springfield Public School slips in the basic skills necessary to ride on the challenging roller coaster called Life. The purpose of education at Springfield is to train young people for responsible citizenship in an epoch that is witnessing bewildering change as unparalleled challenges. The future of any nation depends on the character of its people. Springfield Public School seeks to send forth a steady stream of such men and women who will enrich the nation and serve the world. This is possible by imbibing in them a sense of dedication, devotion and a desire to serve.

To prepare the young Springfielders for life, the school aims to provide an environment that facilitates moral, intellectual, cultural, physical, ethical and spiritual growth that drills deep in their psyche. Springfielders are taught the importance of positive traits of human values such as bravery, honesty, self-respect, dignity, straight forwardness and above all courage and self-conviction to walk alone with head held high and eyes fixed on the target.


Knowledge Is Power
Gyan Darshan- Gaining Knowledge

Excellence is an idea that takes Springfield Public School to make it a reality by total involvement in the persuasion of knowledge and learning. Both the teachers and the taught can have an understanding of core values i.e learning from the experiences and preparing for the future. Today, this is a rare privilege; Springfield Public School can fulfill their dreams by offering deserving students excellence in academics and help them in their overall development of personality.