The first sound a child makes on coming into the world is one of discomfort, it is a cry, reflex action and the child doesn’t expect a response. And slowly he crosses all stages of learning and in the end to communicate with language left Mother language is very easy to adapt because that language we listen, speak all the time.But when it comes to leam any foreign language then we find it difficult. Now, lets discuss how to comprehend the most used foreign language ENGLISH. The first thing came in mind is that why should we learn English. If we want to move along with the world then English language will work as pillar.

English is the most widely acceptable and spoken language all over the world. It has gained a prominent place in cumiculum. English is like a window to the world because it is used for communicating with foreigners at the workplace as it is accepted as the medium of International Communications. If we want to improve the language in blooming generation the steps should be taken from the school only. Like in the beginning the teachers should make the habit of listening in students because if they are good listeners then only they can express their views which will be followed by the speaking and reading. If the student is in good reading habit then lot many things can be improved like vocabulary. Generally the students do not have a rich vocabulary so this weakness can be improved by these skills and then automatically the one can write anything on any topic. In schools we have different classes and there are different ways to teach English Upto class five if the basics got cleared then one will never fail in there lives due to English. In senior classes the if the basics are not clear then the teachers can help them to clear doubts or they can
guide them how to use one particular thing in different ways. For example if student is unable to write article then he can use word technology in various forms. so this is the responsibility of the teachers how they can use simple ways of teaching which will change the life of student.

Lastly, I just want to say thal all languages have their own importance but if one is good in English language then they easily compete in this competitive world.