How to attempt question paper

How to attempt question paper?

Attempting the paper properly in examination is the key to score high mars. Many students don’t realize the fact that paper presentation is very important and you have to attempt the paper in a way that not only impress the checker but also makes him read your paper easily. The easier you make it for the checker, the more marks you are likely to attain.

Here are the few things you need to consider

1. Utilize your 15 minute reading time judiciously and read every question carefully.

2. Check the marks assigned to each question and plan quickly.

3. Draw a line on the right and left of the page.

4. Read the question again before attempting and think carefully what examine has asked.

5. Attempt your paper in a sequence.

6. Divide your time up before exam.

7. Give proper important headings.

8. Stay on the topic will answering

9. After finishing the question draw a line at the end of the answer.

10. Don’t leave extra space at the end of the page.

11. Don’t write question in answer sheet, write only question no.

12. Keep your paper neat and clean.

13. Don’t leave any question.

14. Length of the answer should be according to marks.

15. Highlight the every point

16. Underline the important lines and cotasion.

17. Carry your pen, pencil, eraser, scale, watch etc

18. Finish your paper before 10 minute and after check your answers again.

19. Do not write your Roll No. anywhere else except in the specified space in the answer sheet.

20. Don’t write on your answer sheet like ‘Jai mata di’ etc. because if you write all this your paper will be cancelled.