How to teach students to attempt question papers

How to teach students to attempt question papers?

                                    Try to understand the pain of a student who worked so hard for some exambut still unable to attempt the paper properly. Many students face the sameproblem due to many reasons like due to lack of writing skills, exam stress, lackof practice, poor time management, and many more. Giving subject knowledge is not the only duty of a teacher. As teachers we should ensure that our students will never suffer all those problems that will result in poor performance.

                          To avoid major exam disaster and ensuring good marks, teachers need to do some pre-planning like suppose; for a student who is unable to write good handwriting under pressure, writing practice is required. In a similar way if a student is weak in maths calculations or takes so much time to make diagrams, practice is required. Pre-planning may vary from student to student. Many students having good subject knowledge are unable to write answers because they don’t know how to structure the answer. So, as teachers we should teach our students, how you approach a question in an exam, how to structure your answer, the timings you should assign and what information will get marks. Apart from this, teachers should give general key points and common advice to all students. Some of the common advice is like: All three-hour papers have an additional 15 minutes of reading and planning time (RAPT), utilise this time properly in reading the question paper. Student should also try to strategize how they would attempt the paper. Ensure speed and accuracy. Keep an eye on your watch. Avoid thinking too much about a question. Always write what is required. Don’t write so short or too long answers. Try to attempt the paper in given sequence but if student is unable to do so, manage time and strategize the answers section wise. Use an appropriate pen and carry all appropriate stationary. Make more and more points, leave line after every question, and highlight important points. Never leave any question.

Remember,  the key to our student’s success lles in their own commitment and resolution towards doing well in the exams. Prepare them motivate them well so that, they can write their success stories and always be prepared to IMPRESS.