Importance of Hindi in our life

Importance of Hindi in our life

Importance Of Hindi In Our Life

Hindi is very important language. Its play a very important role in our daily life. It is
our mother tongue. Hindi is life for us because it is a language by we express our
feelings to our families. It is a very easy language which can be spoken by everyone. It is incredibly importance in the historic development of the world’s cultures and well worth not just honouring, but studying. Anyone with an interest in world history or languages would do well to do a little bit of intense reading on
the subject of Hindi.

Today much foreign country like America and others. There are many Hindi teaching schools, colleges and universities where Hindi is learned. Now it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is even being used as a link language by many Asian countries and in the coming years it will gain more popularity if we don’t forget its value of our culture.

Through my experiences I would say that the teachers should use different methods to teach students as Hindi is there mother tongue and following are the few tips-

1. Learners can learn a language through using it to communicate.

2. Authentic and meaningful communication should be the goal of classroom

3. Fluency is an important dimension of communication

4. Communication involves the integration of different language skills

5. Learning is a process of creative construction and involves trial and error.

6. Competition is a great way to motivate students.

As we all know that Hindi language is demolishing day by day so government
of India decided to make it compulsory language so the coming generation can
proudly say that Hindi is our mother tongue. So now in curriculums schools will pay equal attention to Hindi language also.

“Language is response to experience and rich experience is essential to language development.”